How to find header.tpl file in the prestashop?

How to find header.tpl file in the prestashop?

I came across the real time problem in finding the header.tpl in prestashop at my work place. I spent some time on google to find. It showed me some different paths, where i am unable to locate header.tpl file.

Let’s have a look, where to find the header.tpl in prestashop.

In order to find header.tpl file in prestashop, we should login to FTP(File transfer protocol) or Hosting cPanel of website. After logged In. Please follow the steps given below:


  1. After login to Ftp or cPanel->File Manager, You should see the following file structure of prestashop.


2. Select Modules folder in the root directory of Prestashop. Ref. path: root directory -> Modules


3. Select trackingfront folder in the modules directory.  Ref. path: root-> Modules -> trackingfront


4. Under trackingfront, select view folder. Ref. path :  root-> Modules -> trackingfront -> views


5. Inside views folder, select templates folder. Ref. path :  root-> Modules -> trackingfront -> views -> templates


6. Under templates folder,  select Front folder. Ref. path :  root-> Modules -> trackingfront -> views -> templates -> Front.


7. Finally we can see header.tpl,  footer.tpl and login.tpl etc. Which are common files for entire website. Ref. path :  root-> Modules -> trackingfront -> views -> templates -> Front.


8. Edit header.tpl file and place common tracking codes like Google analytics, Google tag manager, Meta tags, or Facebook tracking codes just before closing head tag(</head>) .



Important Notes :

  • In some versions of Prestashop, we may find header.tpl file under  Ref path : root -> themes-><Your theme>.
  • Always recommended to place google analytics code in the <head> tag, which we will find in the header.tpl file.
  • Place Google Remarking or Google Adwords conversion tracking codes in the footer.tpl file, and just before closing body tag(</body>).


  Thanks for reading. Please feel free to contact me at any time to enhance this post.

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